No Escape

Motorists who take their car to the UK could soon be slapped with fines if they are caught speeding by cameras on British roads.

Equally, British holidaymakers caught speeding on Spanish roads could be fined under new EU rules expected to come into force this year.

The new measures could result in motorists caught by speed cameras while in their own car abroad receiving fines sent to their home address or being pursued through the courts if they don’t pay up.



Drivers caught by speed cameras while in their own cars abroad currently cannot be traced as there is no system for foreign police to track them down. Foreign motorists can be traced if they are driving a hire car while abroad – thanks to credit card details lodged with the hire car company – but not if they are using their own car.

The proposed changes could be made EU law by a bill that may apply to all member states from May this year. It would see motorists pursued for speeding, running a red light, using a mobile phone or drink or drug driving by using the number-plate to track them down. Drivers would receive a notification in their own language from the police authorities in the country the offence was committed.

Spanish MEP and the EU Parliament negotiator on the issue, Ines Ayala Sender, said the new legislation could cut road deaths by 50 per cent; though where on earth she dreamt up that nonsensical unproven nugget passed off as fact escapes me.



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