New Driving Laws Announced

WarningThis means you!

Be warned as from January this year the Guardia Civil traffic police have announced new laws regarding speeding penalties, it’s virtually a no tolerance policy, just a few kms over the stated limit and you can be fined on a scale from €100 up to €600 depending on the limit and your measured speed; and with from 2 to 6 points added to your licence for all but the smallest infraction.

Also in the news from Monday 19 January EU citizens who have been resident in Spain for two years and who still hold an old-style licence which doesn’t have a 10-year validity period are obliged to exchange their document for a pink photocard.

British drivers who still hold the old-style unlimited validity paper licence and who have been resident in Spain since before January 2013 will have to exchange it for a 10-year EU photocard.

The legislation states that fines of 200 euros can be issued to drivers who are unable to produce a ten-year licence after a two-year residency period.






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