Autumn Pool Care


As we get into autumn it’s a good time to look at your pool and decide what needs to be done to put in order for next season.
We’ll start with the peripherals. If the pool is heated, the heat pump should be checked for gas pressure, then cleaned and tested, just as you do with your air-conditioning units, ‘you do regularly service your air-con units don’t you?’  If it’s an unheated pool or if you wish to swim comfortably all year round then the installation of a heat pump and pool cover will enable this at a reasonable cost.  Now lets look at the filter, if it’s more than four years since the filter sand was last changed then it’s a job which should be done, as over time the sand becomes clogged, filtration drops off and chemical usage increases. Now to the pool itself; if water loss, ‘all pools loose water either through evaporation or leaks’,  fine, if not then it’s a good idea to first pressure test the pipework, as most leaks occur through broken joints, mainly due to settlement, and it’s a lot cheaper to repair pipework than the pool itself. If the pipework is sound then a closer look at the pool itself is called for.



Next you should look at the condition of the grouting. A question I’m often asked is “does my pool need re.grouting”? It depends on a few things, apart from poor grouting being unsightly; Does your pool keep going green? , has the pool lots of black lines where the grout was/should be? Are pool maintenance and chemical costs becoming prohibitive? Then it’s probable that your pool needs re-grouting. At Newstar Homes in Spain we charge €495.00 for re-grouting in white cement grout an 8´x 4´ pool , this includes for the draining down, power washing the casing, replacing any missing tiles and refilling on completion. Call us now or better still drop us an email with photos of your pool and we’ll arrange a visit to discuss what can be done to bring your pool back to it’s best.


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