Today we’ll take a look at air-conditioning. As as with all machinery, regular maintenance will help to ensure trouble free running when you need it most.  We recommend that you have your system serviced at least once a year. The gas pressure should be checked and topped up as…

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No Escape

Motorists who take their car to the UK could soon be slapped with fines if they are caught speeding by cameras on British roads. Equally, British holidaymakers caught speeding on Spanish roads could be fined under new EU rules expected to come into force this year. The new measures could…

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Window Bars & Security Grills.

Before repainting

Security grills and gates Painting Rejas often causes more aggravation and problems than the rest of the house put together. However as with any decorating task if you work safely and securely the less stress-full it is. If you have mobile scaffolding use it; even for the ground floor ones, having…

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